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Auckland to Auckland

This small but gorgeous trip will take you to the Northern most northern part of New Zealand. Drive through the Waipoua Forest, cross the water by ferry and explore the attractions arround Waitangi. See the giant sand dunes and find the last stands of the Kauri tree and the legendary Tane Mahut. After this 7 days counting route, you can always drive further down south. Whangaroa Harbour, also know as the Marlin Capital of New Zealand. The beautiful idyllic bay is a must see and perfect for outdoor activities. Travel to Ruakaka and go for a boat trip or visit the Whangarei Racecourse. Discover culture and history in Auckland and become part of an unforgettable Maori cultural experience! End your holiday in Auckland. Isn't this just the perfect getaway from the daily routine, just enjoy your self drive holiday in seven unforgettable days.


 Day 1:  Auckland
 Day 2:   Auckland to Hokianga Harbour
 Day 3:   Hokianga Harbour to Pukenui
 Day 4:   Pukenui to Paihia
 Day 5:  Paihia to Ruakaka
 Day 6:   Ruakaka to Auckland
 Day 7:  Auckland


Waipoua Forest

Get in touch with nature in the legendary Waipoua Forest, one of the three major Kauri forests in New Zealand. The splendid emerald expanse boasts of luscious Kauri trees; two of the oldest in the world considering it a home. Tane Mahuta, also known as the “King of the Forest”, and the Te Matua Ngahere are said to be approximately over 2000 years old. The forest is found in the Northland Region’s northwest.

Location: Rawene | Photographer: Julian Apse | Copyright: Julian Apse


Before you catch the ferry to Kohukohu you can stroll around in the historic town Rawene. With a population of approximately 400 people it’s a lovely small town. Walk around and watch some very old buildings like, Clendon House; the courthouse (1875); Masonic House (1875) and the Methodist Church (1876).

Location: Road in New Zealand | Photographer: Julian Apse | Copyright:Julian Apse

Whangaroa Harbour

Whangaroa Harbour is the center of the Whangaroa County. This inlet on the Norther Coast of Northland is a perfect place to stop and see the snowy mountains reflecting on the clear blue water.

Ruakaka Beach

Though the beach may not rival all those others found in New Zealand, end your trip where relaxation is freely given by nature’s calm. The Ruakaka Beach Holiday Park is one of the most family-friendly beach resorts with clean park grounds. Plus, it is often referred to as the gateway to some other destinations such as Port Marsden, Ruakaka Racecourse and Marsden Bay.


The Kauri Trees
Waipoua Forest is beautiful but the trees in it is the real attraction. In this video you can see what the size is of these enormous Kauri trees.