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Places To Stay

We strongly recommend you stay at a caravan park. New Zealand has a large range of caravan parks in all major tourist centres and most towns. Caravan parks offer great recreational opportunities, plus shower and toilet facilities. Powered camping sites allow you to connect your rental campervan to electricity and charge the battery; we suggest you connect to power at least every second night. 

Booking ahead during peak season is recommended. We have created a helpful app to assist you in finding, comparing and booking holiday parks and campgrounds across New Zealand. To download, simply search Apolloconnect in the App Store or Google Play. 


New Zealand National Providers

10% Off Family Parks

Holidays at Family Parks are more than just a holiday, they're a unique holiday experience. With over 160 Parks across New Zealand and Australia, there's never been a better time to choose Family Parks for your next holiday. Family Parks have a minimum of three star rating from Qualmark. 

Simply advise the park when you are booking that you are apollo guest and show your key tag on check in to receive your discount.

Free call from within New Zealand: 0800 123 769

10% Off Kiwi Holiday Parks

Kiwi Holiday Parks represents a group of over 50 quality holiday parks situated throughout New Zealand. When you stay at a Kiwi Holiday Park you can be sure you’re getting quality service and value for money. All of our holiday parks have a minimum 3 star rating and are regularly assessed by Qualmark - New Zealand tourism's official quality agency. 

Simply advise the park when you are booking that you are apollo guest and show your key tag on check in to receive your discount.

Free call from within New Zealand: 0800 94 54 94

Freedom Camping

While New Zealand is very tolerant of ‘Freedom Camping’ they do have some guidelines to ensure their communities and environment is not adversely affected by campers. There are also new laws that allow local governments to fine you if you are breaching the freedom camping guidelines.

The New Zealand Government passed a new law in August 2011 that enables local councils to issue infringement notices (fines) to campers that:
• Camp in prohibited areas
• Camp without containment (on-board shower and toilet) facilities where camping is restricted to those with approved facilities
• Littering, and leaving human waste (toilet waste)

Because New Zealand is such a great place to visit, the increasing number of visitors mean that it is more important that we all look after the areas we are visiting and have respect for the country's pristine natural areas. Council officers will now issue an on-the-spot fines to travellers — therefore Apollo Motorhome Holidays strongly encourages its customers to follow the freedom camping guidelines.

Camping Care Code

There is certain camping etiquette that we request all our guests follow to ensure a safe and pleasant camping experience for all.

Here are some simple guidelines for when you are out on your self-drive adventure.


• Choose your campsite carefully, set up your camp on firm, high or sandy ground.
• Only camp in designated areas – not where camping isn’t permitted • Be tidy and always leave campsite clean. Be sure to take your rubbish with you is bins are not provided – food scraps attract vermin.


• Use a cooker, fireplace or BBQ where possible.
• Only light fires where permitted using dead wood in the area and keep the fire small.
• Be sure to soak the fire with water before you leave to avoid it restarting.
• Detergents, soap and toothpaste can harm aquatic and marine life. Use biodegradable products and wash in a container well away from streams and rivers.


• Always use toilets provided at campgrounds. There are public toilets at all Department of Conservation campsites.
• When camping elsewhere follow the environmental care guidance on
• When traveling in our campers- please always use dispose of waster at official dump stations, do not dispose of waste in public areas. If you do not have toilet in your campers please camp where there are facilities.


• Campgrounds are social places but everyone needs time to relax on their holiday. Please respect the rights of others for quiet enjoyment of the outdoors.
• Pay your fees or give a donation at free campgrounds where possible to keep campgrounds available for future travellers.
• Always thoroughly clean your equipment before and after trips to minimise he spread of weeds and diseases.
• New Zealand’s unique native plants, forests and wildlife are the reason a lot of people travel to this beautiful country. Please be sure to take care when in these areas as to not disturb the natural surroundings.

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