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As the premier provider of self drive holidays in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Apollo Motorhome Holidays provides a product range which gives customers the freedom and independence to create their ultimate holiday experience.

Gus and Carolyn Trouchet formed Apollo in 1985 in Brisbane when they purchased a single campervan which served as their personal car during the week. However, as their client base rapidly expanded, they were forced to buy another vehicle and so, Apollo was born.

The company has since grown to become the largest privately owned recreational vehicle operator in the Southern Hemisphere, with 15 branches across Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and plans for further international expansion on the horizon.

Apollo remains a family owned and operated company, with sons Luke and Karl Trouchet now owning the business. The Apollo team are inspired by a sense of family, and pride which stems from being part of a company that grew from small beginnings into a large and successful organisation.

This sense of pride and ownership filters through all aspects of the business, and the result of this strong company work ethic is the delivery of quality products and superior customer service.

As a result of Apollo's continued success, Luke and Karl have expanded the company to include budget brand Cheapa Campa, and backpacker brand Hippie Camper. As another natural part of the company's growth, the company established leading manufacturer Talvor Motorhomes in 2005 to build vehicles to their exacting standards.

Apollo's fleet of over 3000 quality rental vehicles comprises of campervans, motorhomes, four wheel drive campervans, cars and four wheel drives. Proudly offering the most modern fleet of vehicles in Australia, New Zealand and the USA, Apollo is dedicated to the design, manufacture, and service of their vehicles.

Talvor has now grown to become the largest RV manufacturer in Australia, and has developed a range of functional and quality vehicles for use in rental and retail environments.

Clients from every corner of the world travel in Apollo vehicles daily. Apollo's main markets are Central Europe, the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

From humble beginnings in 1985, Apollo has grown the family business into one of the most successful rental enterprises in the Southern Hemisphere, winning numerous business and tourism awards.

Future growth at Apollo will centre upon philosophies of personal contact, steady trust, common goals and win win outcomes with their clients, staff, business partners and the industry.

With an Apollo vehicle, customers can explore Australia, New Zealand and the USA at their own pace. With no fixed itineraries, clients enjoy the ultimate freedom and independence of an Apollo self drive escape.