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Heather Schiller
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10 Travel Tips For First Timers.

New Zealand Travel Tips

Milford Sound, New Zealand


There are so many reasons why New Zealand is in every traveller’s bucket list. The country is – hands down – one of the most beautiful in the world. From glaciers and hot springs to extreme sports and long scenic drives aboard your campervan , you won’t run out of things to see and do. 

If you are currently planning a trip to New Zealand, here are 10 travel tips that will make your holiday in New Zealand more enjoyable:


1. Prepare For All Weather Types

The first thing to know about New Zealand is that the weather can go from warm to cold in one day. This is true if you are travelling the length of the country. So pack accordingly.

2. North To South Is The Way To Go

“Save the best for last” is always the way to go. So if want to travel the length of the country, start at the North Island to South Island. While the North Island is gorgeous, the mountains and fiords of South Island are far more dramatic.

3. Travel By Campervan Rental

The best way to see New Zealand’s attractions is by driving to them. A campervan hire not only gets you from point A to point B in comfort, it doubles as your home throughout your trip.

4. Hike!

Yep. Every tourist destination in New Zealand has a hiking trail waiting to be conquered. With a network of hiking trails, you can choose from quick day hikes to more challenging multi-day walks.

Hiking Routeburn track, New Zealand

5. Must. Visit. Hobbiton

Seriously – who doesn’t want to see Hobbiton? Oh, and New Zealanders LOVE Lord Of The Rings. So much so that they changed the name of Wellington to Middle Earth for an entire day. So take a guided tour of the famous Hobbiton movie set. You can’t really say you’ve spent a holiday in New Zealand without doing so.

6. Stay Connected

While free wi-fi is not as widely available in New Zealand as it is in the U.S. for example, wi-fi connections are available in cafes and restaurants. Make sure you also get local prepaid sim cards so you can stay connected and make phone calls or send text messages while travelling around the country.

7. Go Bungy Jumping

Bungy jumping was invented in New Zealand (where else?) and the country has several places you can try this thrilling sport. The most popular and panic-inducing jump sites of course are located in Queenstown.

Bungy Jumping New Zealand

8. Long Drives Must Be Expected

In New Zealand, it takes longer to get to places. And this is not just because you WILL make a lot of stops along the way to take photos (you won’t be able to resist it. Trust us, we’ve tried and failed). New Zealand roads can be hilly and windy at times, and there are plenty of one way bridges. So plan your itinerary realistically.

9. Do Not Panic At The “Backwards Arrow”

Surprisingly, driving on the left side of the road is not what baffles many first time tourists in New Zealand. It is the backwards arrow signs that can be confusing for first time travellers. So if you see a backwards arrow pointing in the opposite direction to which you are driving, relax. You are in fact, going the right way.

10. Just Visit New Zealand

Stop putting off your travel plans. Just go and visit New Zealand. What’s not to love? The people are friendly, the country is breathtakingly beautiful, has a unique culture and fantastic food and wine. Seriously, the country’s choice, bro. What are you waiting for? Get a campervan and let’s go!


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