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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in New Zealand and want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Lisa O'Neill
    50% chance we are going to New Zealand!
    My last living Grandparents are in their 80's and live in New Zealand. They are getting to old to travel to Australia to visit us and I would love to see them (before its too late if you know what I mean!)   My husband, Simon, has never been to New Zealand and since our daughter Grace was born in September 2011 we would love to take her across to meet her great grandparents. Partly because Grace's middle name is after my nanna who... read more
  • bill purvis
    Eager to arrive but energy waned.
    We did a campervan relocate from Adelaide to Perth. The travel time allowed was 5nights/6days but I wanted to be in Freemantle for a book launch and needed to be there in 4 days. 100kms out of Freemantle a huge storm front could be seen looming in the distance. The storm broke 20kms out with torrential rain thunder and lightning.I was so exhausted from traveling, and the heat and humidty on arrival, that I had no energy left to see... read more
  • Kylie Kerr
    Apollo Rolling in New Zealand with the Family
    Each year will take a family holiday (Husband, 2 kids and me) and next year we really, really, really want to explore New Zealand.  After watching the Robin Williams’ movie RV we are inspired to take our own “Rolling Turd” adventure to see watch New Zealand has to offer and have the best family fun ever.  Mind you we will be returning our hired Apollo Motorhome in one piece and not water logged unlike the one in the movie.  So... read more
  • aneesa dent
    big city lights to glacier ice
    The South Island of new Zealand is a road trip worthy of taking especially if your kids haven't seen the snow!I have not had the opportunity to take a camper holiday but it is certainly on my bucket list.With the South Island in winter like a different country i don't know why us kiwis decide to explore other countrys before our own, I would love for my kids to see the wonders of NZ all the way down the rugged... read more
  • Arthur Volgers
  • Lauren Clancy
    Driving, hiking, swimming, ridding, exploring new things in New Zealand. What a exciting thought for us. Our dream of our honeymoon we have never taken. Auckland zoo, a place of learning and beauty. To be able to drive around New Zealand, taste food we have never had like paua. Our family holiday/honeymoon is stilll a few years away because of finacial status. To take our little girl Ellenore to meet familiy in New Zealand and make it her first international... read more
  • Linda Jordan
    The South of New Zealand
    Where have I not spent much of my 50 years? The South Island of our amazing country. Yes I have visited Christchurch a few times and flown over the tip of the south island a number of times when heading into or out of Wellington. I have never seen our wonderful Southern Alps up close or visited the wonderful Queenstown. I have been to surfers paradise in Aussie though! How ludicrous!!! Now I have a wonderful husband, who has seen... read more
  • sarah jane wallis
  • Kim Lancaster
    South Island Tour
    My parents (who are getting older now) are planning a trip of a lifetime in their camper, around the South Island.  I would love to take my family with them, while still maintaining some independance.   They are such a fun couple, and we enjoy so many of the same things so travelling with them, and showing my kids the 'other' island, is what memories are made of.  Course, the bonus would be if we were to go with them, then... read more
  • sam burgess
    sam burgess
    I had a stroke 4 years ago, i side of my body is left paralasyed and i don't speak. i really need a break and a getting it from all would be a sam read more
  • Danielle Zweers
    A dream came true!
    After years of hard working as a soldier in the Dutch army and as an oncology nurse in an academic hospital we decided to take some time for ourselves. We really want to go far far away from here. A place that`s has everything, lovely sunny beaches, mountains, great nature and beautiful animals. The decision was made. We are going to New-Zealand for 4 weeks! A dream came true…! We booked our flight  and Apollo High Top camper at a Dutch... read more
  • rodney stone
    hot springs
    i remember a great trip i took with friends about 15 years ago to a hot spring resort near hamilton. i would just love to do this trip again! read more
  • Craig Ekins
    Me and Partner are planing our Honeymoon next year after our Wedding in May 2013. we are trying to save money to do a trip around the North Island do the round trip in 3 weeks and see the nice NZ country side at the same time. plus visit friends and family plus old places we grow up in. read more
  • Tracey Joyce
    North to South
    I would LOVE to start at the top of New Zealand working my/our way down the East Coast of the North Island visiting places I haven't seen, and one's where my whanau are from. Finally going by ferry to the South Island and working my way down the east coast to include Stewart Island and the back up the west coast. My final destination being Matauri Bay, Norhland. read more
  • Loreta Hillary
    Childhood Memories
    I spent my childhood growing up with mum, dad and 4 other siblings travelling to caravan parks or where ever we could get a park. Eating lunch by the side of the road followed by a walk exploring the surrounding area was full of excitement. Now i am a mum, i would love to replicate my childhood memories and travel to New Zealand with my husband and daughter. How exciting to experience that travel time again with my family and visit a new destination in comfort and... read more
  • brenda maher
    New Zealand Escape
    Been all over australia and the world in my youth but not to NZ. So now, as a grey nomad its my dream to take the plunge and discover one of the most beautiful countries in the world, NEW ZEALAND, right in my own back yard and do it it comfort and style in an apollo moterhome.  read more
  • Julie Apps
    Greatest family holiday
    In 2006 we went on a family holiday to NZ, hiring a campervan from Apollo. Our now teenage kids were 6 and 8 back then and we all loved it. 'It was the best holiday ever' The kids are now teenagers and hate family holidays but even they still talk about it and say we should do it again! We would love the chance to do it again but our finances just won't allow it right now. read more
  • Joanne Barnes
    Well deserved holiday
    I would just really love the opportunity to take my young children on a campervan holiday.  My husband works long hours and deserves a break too. read more
  • Annette Assman
    Ash cloud
    Our family had booked a holiday to New Zealand in June 2011.  Due to the ash cloud the airline cancelled our first flight, after a lot of phone calls and reorganising our trip we rebooked and where due to fly out 4 days later, only 3 hours to check in our flight was cancelled again!!!!!! Due to work comitments we could not get any more time of so we had to cancel our holiday altogether, the kids where devestated.  We... read more
  • Laurelle Mason
    It was 1982.......
    And our family travelled to NZ with another family for a Motorhome adventure! I was 12 years old and we had so much fun. Pulling up at amazing places like Rotorua  - I remember the mud pools and the smell! And the Bay of Islands - so beautiful. Nights were spent cooking, and talking and playing card games in one camper whilst the adults were in the other! I even remember trying to bury one of our friends head in the sand... read more