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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in New Zealand and want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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    Last year, we did a `budget’ trip through SA, NT and WA travelling 18,000kms in 14 weeks, in our 1983 Capricorn Pop-top, towed by our Ford station wagon.We didn’t book ahead at all and travelled on a wing and a prayer!!Some of the highlights were Coober Pedy, The Painted Desert(SA), Uluru, the Olgas, King’s Canyon, Hendlebury Meteorite site, Mcdonnell ranges East & West, Gosse Bluff, Katherine Gorge, Leitchfield NP, Darwin, Kakadu NP, (NT), Lake Argyle, Kunnunurra, Wyndham, 80 Mile Beach,... read more
  • Joe Wilson
  • Shirley Hollick
    6 Months in New Zealand
    I've traveled all over the world, about 30 countries, and nowhere compares to New Zealand. We spent six months there, driving all over the country in a camper van, then living in one spot for the last two months. It was fantastic, and by far my best trip anywhere! Why is the best country in the world? It has a temperate climate all year round, friendly helpful English-speaking people, a laid-back rural atmosphere, beautiful pristine beaches, brilliantly green rolling hills... read more
  • sarah-anne mckenzie
    my dream
    i would love to go on a family trip. We have never gone on a vacation as a family. my ultimate dream is to go christchurch in new zealand, to visit my family i have not seen since i was 7 years old read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Big Black Monster
    Over 30 years ago, we took our children to New Zealand for 6 months. We bought a little camperized van on a guaranteed but-back program, and had the time of our lives! Several times we stayed in vineyards that offered a camp-site complete with a shower/laundry room. At one of these sites, our 10 year old daughter came screaming out of shower building saying that there was a giant spider in the laundry sink. We kind of chuckled because, first... read more
  • Paul Puru
    Tia,s Birthday
    Tia is my 11 year old daughter who has had a lonely heart since losing her  Mother 2 years ago of cancer. In that time I have been a Mum and Dad in one. It's no easy task bringing a daughter up by yourself when your the Dad, but there are a few Dad's in the same situation as me.  Not only did Tia lose her Mum. I lost my Mother a year ago, which was another blow for Tia who loved her... read more
  • Dwayne Gotell
    would love to
    never traveled & would love to but alass could not dew to $ i'm a family man & it's always been for them love to win a vacation thanks :) read more
  • carol tauvae
    dreams of travel
    my husband and i have always dreamed that if we had the opportunity we would love to take the family and travel in a motor home and travel around new zealand, the kids have yet to touch snow or visit all those nice beautiful places that they have seen on tv.Its been difficult to try and save for anything, as the kids get older the costs go up, i work night shift in mental health unit and my husband works... read more
  • Melissa Pittman
    A great holiday
    Me and my family would love a holiday. A good holiday to get out and explore the world. As a child myself my parents were very poor and we never got to travel outside of British Columbia and I want to give my kids as many oppertunites to see the world as I can. We have 2 boys (ages 6 and 9) it would be a great experience for the 4 of us! read more
  • Camilla Bond
    Trip to Auckland, NZ!
    I was lucky enough to be sent to Auckland for work a few months ago, and I managed to organise it around a weekend so I could do a bit of sightseeing - I jumped online and went straight to the Apollo Motorhomes website to look at hiring a motorhome to stay in so I could tour myself around the island, but then suddenly came to the realisation that 2 nights in a motorhome would potentially crush the dream for... read more
  • Dawn Johns
    My Fantasy
    I dream about going around New Zealand in a camper van, stopping at a lot of out of the way places  seeing the country as God Made it, checking out the historical features, and seeing the damage done by earthquakes.....I wish to get as far as Duneden  which was my deceased husbands dream, and see both islands   as they are now... read more
  • Jennifer Thorne
  • Shirley Hollick
    It was 1980. We took a leave of absence from our jobs, and took our 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter to New Zealand for 6 months! The kids still talk about it! I have travelled to over 30 countries, but my absolute favourite was New Zealand. We bought a camperized van with a guaranteed buy-back, and travelled all over the country. I can't imagine a better way to have the freedom to truly explore a country and... read more
  • Susanne Mardi-Hughes
    My homeland
    I came from New Zealand to Australia 10.5 years ago and as much as I love living here, there are often times I would love to go back to NZ and just tour all over the country, places I have been before but never had time to really see them. I married my husband in November 2011 and we couldn't afford a honeymoon so as such, have not had one. My husband is Indonesian and has never been to NZ... read more
  • Danielle Cunningham
    My dream
    I am a college student looking to expand my experience in photography and journalism/creative writing. A trip like this would be a fantastic way to gain knowledge, experience, practice and possibly find connections that I can use in the future. I really need this! read more
  • Cassandra Gordon
    Why I dream about New Zealand
    Almost every night I dream about fish. Yes, I have 7 fish tanks but I don't think that has anything to do with it. I'm wandering around usually in a jungle and eventually find the most blue pools of water filled with shiny, sparkly fish. Sometimes, there's already someone fishing there. Sometimes, there's somebody having a picnic and they are littering and I scold them harshly for polluting this green and blue paradise. And sometimes, there are zombies but luckily... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    New Zealand 1980
    It was 1980. We took a leave of absence from our jobs, and took our 7 year old son and 9 year old daughter to New Zealand for 6 months! The kids still talk about it! I have travelled to over 30 countries, and my absolute favourite was New Zealand. We bought a camperized van with a guaranteed buy-back, and travelled all over the country. I can't imagine a better way to have the freedom to truly explore a country... read more
  • Ann Marie Beacock
    Ontario Mountain Adventure
    In 2005 my husband and I moved from Alberta to Saskatchewan.  Just before we left Alberta we bought a 24 foot motor home.  We needed it.  We lived in it for six months while my husband totally renovated our new house from the inside out all by himself!By the end of July he needed a break, so we put the wheels back on and hit the road for Ontario where we have family.  Now just before we left, our new... read more
  • Cindy Latrace
    Sleeping in a Lake
    My husband and I took an extended honeymoon to New Zealand and Australia.  We bought a little car and took our tent all over New Zealand.  One night, we found a great little spot at the tip of the South Island and after a lovely evening, got set up and settled in for the night.  Shortly after going to bed, we figured out that in order to not be sleeping downhill, we would have to have our heads at opposite... read more
  • Vanessa Cribb
    My dream Holiday
    As I was born in New Zealand and brought over to Australia at the age of 8 my memory of that beautiful place has always haunted my dreams. I remember the dark green foliage, the beautiful temperature and the racing lakes and streams  - oh and how could I forget that pristine white sand on those beaches! Recently my Brother went over for a holiday and brought back so many snap-shots if it wasn't for my lack of funding (being... read more