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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in New Zealand and want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Mikhail Goodley-York
    holiday dream
    i have only ever dreamed of a holiday with a motor home with my mum and brother to bond by traveling new Zealand and seeing all parts of new zealand   read more
  • Amelia Howells
    The ultimate family getaway!
    My husband and i dream of hitting the road once more...  We were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful little girl a year ago and since then holidays and been pretty non-existent. We have always loved travelling, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures and would love to have the chance to do it once more, and it would be even better now as we will be sharing the experience with our little one.  It would be a holiday dream come... read more
  • Tracey Joyce
    Apollo Ultimate Kiwi Road Trip
    I would love to just jump into an Apollo Motorhome with my 4kids, I-Zayah-15y, Kaige-3y, NgaHuia-2y, Wharewhit-1y and our 15y old dog Wombat. We would start up the top working our way down the west Coast stopping everywhere and showing my kids, and me, why New Zealand is the best place in the world. We would ferry across to the South Island taking in all the main players as well as some out of the way hidden New Zealand Gems.Steawrt... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Apollo Fairy
    Dear Apollo Fairy,Please wave your starry wand and whisk me away to New Zealand in an Apollo Euro Deluxe Motorhome! read more
  • Kerry Young
    NZ camping trip
    The best trip my family and I have ever taken:- our two girls and us for a week around the South Island of New Zealand.  We got to see some awesome sights and spent some real quality time together as a family, we had a lot of laughs!  One week is far too short and so we have decided to take a second trip hiring the Apollo Euro Camper for 17 days from Auckland to Christchurch later on this year. ... read more
  • Amanda Cowens
    family of 6 wanting to explore our beautiful country by roadtrip. read more
  • Aimee Ballantine
    New Zealand Ski Road Trip
      We saw Apollo motor homes on out last trip and thought "that would be an experience of a lifetime"! We cannot wait to tour around New Zealand with Apollo. We have been dreaming of this trip for 12 months and the winter season is just about to begin! Pictures surely to follow!!! read more
  • kristy whitehead
    Proud mother of 4
    I am a busy stay at home mum of 4 beautiful girls. My partner works hard as a fiber glass out - rigger canoe specialist. We are located in New Zealand on the Tutukaka Coast.  read more
  • Diane Merritt
    Nature's Beauty Roadtrip
    Back in me younger days I travelled from the top of the North Island to the very bottom of the South Island around in me car, train, bus, ship and even me walking shoes with thee thumbs out. It was one great adventure no matter what form of transportation I was using.  I am born an bred N.Z so it was only fitting that I ventured out in me own backyard so to speak. I worked and played in various parts... read more
  • Jennifer Lord
    The Ultimate Holiday...
    My partner and I are 'Gunna' people, we are 'gunna' go to new Zealand just now isn't the time or we have to save so much or some other crazy excuse! I'm sure that there would be some time in our life that we would manage to do it we have discussed going all the way from the North to the south and exploring everything possible.. From the hot springs and mud baths to the Shopping everywhere we come across.  Going in a motor home would give us the freedom... read more
  • Gretchen Alt-Cooper
    Caravanning is the way to travel
    New Zealand has always been a dream destination for me - I would love the freedom to explore that a motorhome holiday would give me. Organised tours do not have the same appeal and are far too regimented for my liking. I really enjoy the friendship and camaraderie that caravan parks offer and when travelling for pleasure in Australia, stay in cabins in caravan parks rather than in motels - they are usually in beautiful locations next to water with... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    So Ready
    Woo hoo, I'm ready! I'm in an Apollo Euro Deluxe Motorhome travelling all over the most beautiful country in the world - New Zealand! Stopping when we want, eating when want, sleeping when we want. Total freedom! Maybe we should rename the Apollo to Freedom Apollo. In my experience, there is no better way to explore a country and experience the culture then in a motorhome. I am so ready to win this trip and start touring New Zealand in... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    FREEDOM Apollo
    Just think about it. Travelling in an Apollo Motorhome gives you the freedom to see any part of a country! You can take that side road that leads to an amazing empty beach where you and your party body surf for hours, laughing and squealing with delight. Or you can stop along that gorgeous winding little creek set in a green meadow and sit under the big tree to have your picnic lunch. Or you can pull over onto a never-used... read more
  • Terry Bromham
    New Zealand
    What a great Country to explore, I have never left the great expanse of Australia but would love to start. Fingers crossed I get the chance soon! read more
  • Hayden Middlebrook
    New Zealand Road Trip
    I dream about taking a 6 month trip around the whole of New Zealand in a Motorhome.  I want to see and experience everything my country has to offer before I go overseas.  I want to be able to say I've seen the sights, eaten in the restaurants, been skiing at various ski fields, been white water rafting, black water rafting, caving, climbed Mt Cook, and visited as many towns and cities as possible. I've never been out of New Zealand... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Most Beautiful City in the World
    Years ago we travelled around New Zealand in a little camperized van with our 8 and 10 year old children, for six months. What a fabulous time we had! Because we had the freedom of a mini-motorhome, we saw almost every side road and beach in New Zealand. We loved the people, the gorgeous scenery changing from rolling green hills, to beach, to mountains and back again every 10 kilometres, the perfect temperate weather, but most of all we loved... read more
  • Raylene Van Wyk
    Guided by 3 stars, My journey across the ocean
    HiGuided by 3 stars, is referring to my beautiful daughters, Robyn, Storm & Gabriella.My journey started after I gave birth to my daughter Gabriella in 200  in South Africa.  My husband left me while I was pregnant with our 3rd daughter and I realized it was time for me and my girls to start fresh.I came to NZ when Gabby turned one and left my home country and family to give my girls a better future and away from crime.... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Chicken Bus vs Apollo Motorhomes
    I've travelled by chicken bus, scooter, plane, train, automobile, and chauffeur, but the absolutely most convenient and most enjoyable was in a motorhome. Having the convenience of stopping where and when you want, not having to search for hotels, having a snack on the road, or a nap, or just wash your face or hands, having lots of wide windows to view the amazing countryside, not to mention privacy - nothing beats it! Apollo Motorhome Vacations offer the opportunity to truly... read more
  • penelope richards
    My sister has told me of hiring a camper van and travelling around the south Island of NZ, staying in the National parks and waking up to spectacular views and real fresh air. I would love to go and experience this with my partner. read more
  • Antoinette Rogers
    Life without Adam
    Hi there, My children & I lost our dad/stepdad/partner Adam as a result of a motorbike accident in July 2009. He was our sole provider & since his death our lives have been in complete turmoil. We have struggled so much :( Adam had traveled throughout NZ & his stories were amazing. He would often have our children enthralled over hot chocolate & cookies, as he reminisced about the places he had been to & the antics he & his brothers would... read more