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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in New Zealand and want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • brigitte kerr
    my dream drive
    i have always wanted to see the south island of my country the scenery alone is worth the trip but it would be exciting to meet new people and see parts of the country ive always wanted to go.  showing my children this would be the ultimate,  they dont know how lucky they are to live in a country as beautiful as new zealand.  id go whale watching, see the mountains and go skiing, not to mention our beautifull coast... read more
  • gaye bain
    To see My Amazing Country
    The one thing I have always wanted to do is see my beautiful country,  the land of the long white cloud.  I would truely love to travel by motorhome with a friend from the top of the north island  to the bottom of stewart island, I love fishing beaches as I grew up in mania on the Coromandel and adore it also all the wild life that there is so much to see of New Zealand.  I have been married... read more
  • Lynette Genet
    Times running out
    Over the years many of our family and close mates have gone to live in Australia and we have never had the chance to visit them or see any  of the wonderful places they talk about.  Time is running out quickly for us as we are now *senior citzens* read more
  • Justine Hatsell
    Family Holiday
    My mum, dad, 2 sisters and me all went to Auckland in a bedford van with19" old skool tv and bed in the back. Best holiday! Kiwi budget holiday! read more
  • Joyce McClintock
    So Need a holiday
    I so need a holiday I have brought up 5 children and taken in 5 of my grandchildren at different times. I sure feel like I would love to have a holiday before I depart from this earth. I would like to see some of the country I was born and lived in good old New ZealandThanks read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Say You'll Be Mine
    Apollo, Apollo Take me away To lovely New Zealand Far, far away Apollo, Apollo Let me ride along In the Euro Deluxe Where I belong We'll roll sweetly over  The hills and dales Marvelling at the views Yes, the holy grail Apollo, Apollo Say you'll be mine... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    If You're Happy
    If you're happy in an Apollo Clap your hands If you're happy in a Euro Deluxe Clap your hands If you're happy in New Zealand And you really want to show it, If you're happy in your motorhome Clap your hands! If you're happy and you know it Shout "Hurray!"  If you're happy in your Apollo Motorhome Shout "Hurray!" If you're happy in New Zealand, and you know it  Then you really ought to show it Shout "Hurray!" read more
  • Silvana de Koster
    mother and i
    I would love to take my mum, who is 76 years old, on a tour of n z. She has never been further than mangakino to south and whangarei north.She would love it. her health is slipping, with age and it would be a woonderful suprise for her. read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Little Boy Opollo
    Little Boy Apollo Come blow me your horn The sheep's in the meadow The cow's in the corn Where's the Opollo That takes me away He's waiting in New Zealand For my long stay Shall I see him Oh yes, will I For if I do not He will surely cry! read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    A Stylish Carriage
    Apollo, Apollo Give me your answer do I'm half-crazy Just for the love of you I do need a stylish carriage It will be a reliable marriage And with you I'll look sweet Upon the seat Of a motorhome built to tour!  read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Hickory, dickory, dock
    Hickory, dickory, dock The Apollo is first on the clock The clock struck one The Apollo drove down Hickory, dickory, dock Hickory, dickory, dock  New Zealand around the clock The clock struck one The Apollo just won Hickory, dickory, dock read more
  • Christine Mills
    Our Dream
    Our dream holiday is to pack up & head off in an Apollo Camper & drive stopping at & whenever we find a spot of interest or beauty. We both work full time & like most families just make ends meet, to be able to win this fantastic Appollo prize would truly be a Dream come True what a magic  trip it would be . read more
  • paula holton
    overdue holiday
    I would love to surprise my family with a wonderful road trip to Christchurch. My family and I arrived in New Zealand in 2004.  We have always wanted to  take a road trip to Christchurch but we have never been able to.  My brother inlaw is now living in Christchurch, it would be lovely to do the road trip and visit him.  We havent seen him in 3 years.  He is my daughters God Father. It would be amazing. read more
  • Amanda Purcell
    Family Drive
    When I was 12 my parents took us on a roadtrip. The only family holiday we were able to have growing up. It was 9 days and some awesome sights between Hamilton and Dunedin. Alot of fun and laughter I remember. An adventure I plan to have with my daughters. read more
  • Nicola Chadderton
    My Holiday
    I want a motorhome for my family of 6 so we can all go on holiday to see all the sites of new zealand new and old. We get so caught up in working just to survive but we tend to forget about whats important like family and time thats why id love to be able to win this prize because i know my family works hard at work and school so something this big will give them a great... read more
  • Susanne Mardi-Hughes
    My husband is Indonesian, I am a New Zealander. We got married in 2011 but have not been able to have a honeymoon. My husband has never seen snow and his dream is to touch it. I want to take him to NZ to meet the rest of my family and friends, and to see my beautiful homeland, the most beautiful country in the world. read more
  • Carolyn Degirolamo
    Sharon"s Trip
    My colleague Sharon went on a wonderful trip to NewZealand in 2011.  She invited us to her house later and put on a slide show of the whole trip put to the music of Adele. It was so beautiful and green with clear blue water that I would love to go there and create my own slide show. read more
  • Sherrie Gatenby
    Hail to my Mom
    I lost my Dad in 2005, my Mom is soon to turn 80 and I would love to be able to take my mom and my 2 sisters on a trip of a lifetime to New Zealand. I have only been able to dream of a trip like this, I am on disability, and hence the idea of being able to travel anywhere is pretty slim for me. I don't know how much longer I will have my Mom, she is a... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Pure Heaven
    Send me to the moon, or to my favourite country in the entire world - New Zealand. We spent six months there about thirty years ago, and it was the absolute best! To do it again in an Apollo Euro Deluxe Motorhome would be pure heaven! read more