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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in New Zealand and want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Fuschia Taitapanui
    Need a break
    We need & deserve happiness, enjoyment, a break, a holiday of some sort after a battling devasting, heartbreaking, distraughting, traumatising, upsetting, saddening, letdown, stressful & full-on first 8mnths of 2012. It hasnt been a good year so far & i could only wish & pray that it gets better, so people keep saying but it hasnt gotten any better yet, not for the last 8mnths anyway, so far. We love adventures, exploring & having lots of fun. We dont get to holiday & havent done so in more than 10yrs. I... read more
  • Adam King
  • pamela walker
    Please Pick Me!!!
    Any type of holiday would be a treat. My husband has been in and out of hospital these last three years. More surgery coming up. When done, what a way to recuperate. read more
  • Rosemarie Climie
    Family Time
    Please Please Please!(is that a beg or what)I desperately need a holiday; I would like to travel up north with my children as I have never been away on a family trip with them ever and would like to have time with my children well I can, to visit all the beautiful coasts of North Island NZ but because I can’t see them all id especially like to visit the Hot Water beach and The Wairewa thermal Resort “any chances”... read more
  • Kate Dobbs Dobbs
    Big family that needs a break... read more
  • Wouter van der Zeijden
    "It takes some effort to make a good shot!"
    O, how I love my husband. He’s standing there on the side of the road filming me in our Apollo Hitop in the pouring rain. A minute ago I saw that expression on his face. It’s something in his eyes. “Esther, please stop the car!” “But Wouter, it’s raining like crazy.” “No, no, no, that’s perfect! Please drive through that puddle and make the water plash into the camera” I start the van, make some speed and drive through the... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    No Money
    While we were travelling around New Zealand with our two children, we were waiting for some money to come in from Canada. There was delay after delay with the money, and finally we were down to our last few dollars. At least we were in a motorhome, so we had no accommodation expense, and we could buy groceries instead of eating out, which was much less expensive. A motorhome saved the day! For us, an Apollo motorhome is the ideal... read more
  • brittany nast
    Our trip to washington
    So a few years ago me my 2 sisters my mom and my dad went on a 2 weeks camping trip to washington and idaho. We got to this beautiful campgound by the ocean, after we settled in a bit me and my dad decided it would be a good idea to go out on the ocean in a dingy and fish. So we grabbed what we needed and off we went first cast we caught a giant bottom feeder... read more
  • trish nairn
    my mum owns a moterhome and at the moment she is travelling around n.z making stop offs here and there to visit family scattered all over new zealand she realy loves it read more
  • Magda Sermon
    Paradise at the end of the world.
    We visited NZ 2 years ago, in winter time.  This was a once in a lifetime experience.  Amazing nature and wildlife, from snow in the mountains to swimming with dolphins in the sea, we did it all.  And on top of all that we had are own home with us.  The apollo camper we rented was really great, always a bathroom, cooking in the evening, sleeping in our own bed the camper was are little home away from home.Now we... read more
  • Ashton Brown
    My dream road trip
    First I would like to drive me, my partner and my son up to Cape Reinga, we would then go to Te Kao, to show them my marae and family cemetary. We would then see Tane Mahuta the giant totara in Kaitaia, we would also visit family there. Then in Auckalnd I would like to go to rainbows end and all the zoos, I would like to travel from one end of NZ to the other with the ones I... read more
  • Natasha Stephens
    Much Needed Holiday For Solo Mum!!
    So.. can't actually remember the last time I had a holiday.. I have one daughter and another bub on the way... A great big lovely R.V. holiday would be bliss!!!! Probably take my wonderful dear old Dad..who has been such a great support to me since my relationship breakup and bub on the way... Love you Dad!! read more
  • teina tuakanakore
    would be nice to have a nice family road trip read more
  • Dennis Frost
    My Dream Holiday
    Would be to take the love of my life around New Zealand and show her all the great sights of our country. To be able to show her Where I grow up, where I went on holidays, The Bay Of Islands. read more
  • Amelia Howells
    What a way to spend a family holiday!!
    We came across the Apollo winter special whilst surfing the net and decided that we would take advantage of their great rates and treat ourselves to a holiday in New Zealand. We had travelled a lot before we had our beautiful daughter but hadn't had the funds or time to do much since she's been around.  We thought that this would be the perfect way to travel with a child as she could sleep whilst we drove, we could take the holiday at... read more
  • Fran Randle
    I cann't think of a better way to see beautiful New Zealand and to show it off to family.  After spending a short time in that outstanding country, my family has heard me talk about it and have decided to join me for a visit.  I would love to have them see it as I saw it the first time I was blessed to be there...driving the beautiful country side in an Apollo motorhome would be a dream come true.... read more
  • Bailey Demolder
    a road-tripper since birth!
    I would die if I won this contest! Going to New Zealand and Australia has been a dream of mine for years. My parents took my brother and I on a 1-month long camping trip across Canada when I was 13 and it really opened my eyes. Since then I have driven across Canada 3 more times. If I could live in a motor home and travel every day for the rest of my life, I would be so happy!!  :D... read more
  • Shirley Hollick
    Body Surfing
    While driving around New Zealand with our two kids in a little camper van, we stopped at a pristine empty beach with some fair-sized waves and went for a swim. As we played in the water, we started teaching ourselves to body surf! It was great fun to discover riding on a wave and being wafted in to shore. A little later, we noticed the sign, "Caution, extreme undertow on this beach". We hardly knew what an undertow was, coming... read more
  • sofie arbyn
    We want to discover the most beautifull country in the world in an apollo motorhome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! read more
  • Mere Kalan
    When I was about 5 or 6 I remember going on a trip with my family, driving all around the south island. It was so beautiful, I can remember the small towns we stopped at, the scenery, the snow the sun the fun, the fishing, the swimming, the laughing. We stayed in our tent at camping grounds close to the beaches and rivers. I remember it rained so hard we had to stay at a lodge for the night because... read more