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Happy Camper Stories

Here are some stories that happy campers who have rented an Apollo vehicle in New Zealand and want to share. Click on a listing to view the full story, images and videos if they have been included.

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  • Linda Moore
    Linda & Craig's Big Adventure
    We're travelling for six months total, including four weeks in New Zealand, in a Hippie Camper van we've christened 'Violet', from Nov 29 - Dec 26 inclusive. This joint blog covers our whole trip but it should be easy to extract the entries for NZ, beginning Nov 29. Linda & Craig read more
  • Kathy Smith
    New Zealand Road Trip
    We had an opportunity to go to New Zealand and timed it to coincide with the birth of my daughter's nephew which was awesome. This was our first ever road trip in a motorhome of that size and we haven't looked back since :) read more
  • Laura van Gool
    New Zealand Honeymoon in an Apollo Camper – Heaven or Hell?
    In March 2012 two newlywed Brits headed off on a 30 day road trip Honeymoon around New Zealand’s South Island. For weeks we argued deliberated long and hard over the plethora of campervan options, (I wanted the 6 berth deluxe motorhome equipped with entertainment system, spa bath, heated towel rails etc, whilst hubbie was sure that the lower priced family car with deluxe mattress in the boot would be more “cosy”). Eventually we settled for something in the middle: a 2 berth... read more
  • Christine Wyatt
    My husband and I have always talked of buying a bus or camper and having a good look around ,so far it's been a pleasant dream but time is starting to run out so if it doesn't happen soon it will be to late read more
  • Aaron Brown
    Cruising NZ kiwistyles
    Enjoy daily images and videos of a couple who won an Apollo motor home holiday competition as they cruise around New Zealand's amazingly beautiful country read more
  • Doug McCosker
    My Daughter and Son in law's trip to New Zealand
    Our son in law and daughter visited New Zealand and had such a wonderful time my wife and I would love to visit but as I had a quadruple bypass and had to retire from work we have not been able to travel due to finances. They toured the North and South Island and was so impressed with the country and the people they say it was the best holiday they have ever had. read more
  • Patrick Phelan
    New Zealand 1/12/2012
    Here are some photos of a recent motorhome trip to New Zealand.The 1st of December is the opening of the Trout fishing season. We parked up at a local farm around the Rotorua area and this was our backyard for a few days. read more
  • roslyn drury
    The Drury's tour of South New Zealand
    You too can enjoy a great Holiday in an Apollo Motorhome. My family of 4 including 2 children under 5 had the best holiday ever.Be prepared to enjoy the gorgeous landscape scenery and opportunities for some fantastic photos, as you learn how the Islands were sculptured by massive Glaciers and volcanoes.There is great interest in history, Maori culture and early settlement. Displays at  museums,'Doc' offices and tourist stops alway have many points of interest and serviced with smiling friendly locals.Being... read more
  • Omar Dada
    First Trip
    Looking forward to first trip in the Apollo motorhome. will post picture and describr motorhoming when trip is done.  read more
  • Trish Beavan
    Dream Holiday
    Our Dream holiday would be  to hire a campervan (maybe Apollo) and travel the length of New Zealand & when finished doing that we would then travel to Australia and do the same. We have talked many a time of hiring a camperbut we have not had the time. We have traveled away quite a few times in New Zealand but with a camper you would see so much more because you don't have to find accom.  If we won... read more
  • Loene Wilson
    Road Trip for Two
    How did we get here? Just me and you, have we lost someone? We were at the end of a 7 week holiday for the travelling trio, the 3 magpies, it was just awesome! When we departed Sydney for a week in New Zealand, we left one of our trio in Sydney, actually surprised as we missed him! We gals had a great time, on the south island driving a camper through passes, up mountainsides and down into the gullies,... read more
  • Aaron Davies
    What's in the middle of the beautiful South Island
    Flying down from Whakatane to Christchurch on a early morning was spectacular. Snow capped mountains, baby sheep, and loads of smiles and that was just from the plane.Picking up our camper the great thing was that we were the makers of our own holiday. Us and the fantastic "Tourism Radio, not just a radio but a navigation system to..." lolWe left Christchurch after visting friends and went on seven days of excitement before returning back to our friends. We travelled... read more
  • James Carrington
    James and Amys eclipes trip to cairns.
     Hi all, I want to tell you our amazing trip we had that was well overdue. Well where to start James and I wanted to celebrate our 5yr anniversary and his 34th birthday all in one. So in style James and I decided on hiring a 6 berth deluxe campervan with Apollo and driving from brisbane to Cairns. James has never had a holiday as he works mon-sat running is own av company and spends the one day a week with his family,... read more
  • Rob Franks
    (Almost) Epic Road Trip
    In April 2011 I moved from England to NZ to join my beautiful girlfriend Jane, a Kiwi, and come and live and work here. I'd always enjoyed travel and after a year of saving we decided, along with 2 friends, to take a road trip to see as much of this amazing country as we could.Jane had travelled the world seeing USA, UK, Australia and many other places but had never been to the South Island of NZ. While Cat... read more
  • Simon Leslie
    Our fantastic family holiday in the Apollo in New Zealand
    A poem by our daughter age 14 read more
  • Emma Kingsbeer
    A geat time out for our family
    We are a young family my husband an i have two children and being on one wage my husband works very hard to look after us, we don't have the money to go on holiday and there are so many beautiful places in NZ we would like to share with eachother an our children so this would be perfect oportunity and a lovely treat also to show appreciation to my husband for all his hard work! read more
    Arriving at Auckland Airport our first call was to Apollo Motorhomes and within moments they had a mini van to take us from the airport directly to our awaiting motorhome. After a few short moments adjusting our paperwork to get the best deal and familiarising with our temporary home, we waved goodbye and were off. We chose the 6 berth even though there were only 3 of us as we could set up the rear bed permanently, top bunk for... read more
  • Alexandre Lafreniere
    Road trippin' in New Zealand
    I have travelled with my ex girlfriend 3 years ago with a backpack and our thumbs up for 4 months and a half, discovering hidden beauties of Portugal, Spain, Morocco and France, and that was tremendous!We met a lot of nice people there, couchsurfers, wwoofers and travellers who made our trip the nicest thing in the World!I have met a few guys from Australia and New Zealand, and my was it dreamful! I have planned a trip in my head... read more
  • Simon Leslie
    Aylah's poem about travelling In NZ in In an Apollo HiTop Motorhome read more
  • abbie tomlinson
    hippy housetruckn traveling childhood
    as a child ... i travelled with my family around n.z in a house bus my dad (an artist) had lofts, skylights a bath shower gas oven the worksthe only thing we gladly went without was power, we used candle light, sat around bon fires going from place to place ... we had two dogs, a black cat called salem and a huge rat named dodger, as i got older and the years passed it became harder to travel... read more